Advanced DRM is an option which can be used by the data room administrators if the sensitivity of PDF documents is of high concern.

By enabling this feature, PDF documents will continue to be tracked even after they have been downloaded from the data room. For example, if a user downloads a PDF document from the data room, each time the user opens that document the details of that access will be recorded within the Reports portal.

This feature also enables you to expire PDF documents that have been downloaded from the data room (e.g. if a user has downloaded a PDF document onto their personal desktop computer, access to that document can be terminated at any stage) by utilising the Document Expiry feature.

Please note that if Advanced DRM is enabled, the following rules applies to the end user:

  • The user must have Adobe Reader 7.0 or above for Windows and Mac devices
  • The user must be connected to the Internet when accessing any downloaded document

For non PDF documents, the user will be prompted to download a copy of the file to their device (unless the downloading has been disabled).