Yes, of course. You can customise a user's permissions which will overwrite the permissions of the group they are in.

To do this:

  • Navigate to the Manage portal (second icon located in the ribbon)
  • Click on the Groups tab
  • Expand the group in which the user is part of (either use the expand arrow or the Expand All button) and click on the Permissions icon corresponding to the user
  • The Permissions screen will appear. Within this state, no values from the View and Policy column can be changed. You will see a message stating “To customise permissions for this user, click here”. Click on the here button
  • A confirmation box will appear. Click on the OK button to proceed
  • Click on the Role tab
  • From the role dropdown menu, select the View & Download role or select the Custom role and click the ‘download documents’ and/or ‘bulk download documents’ option to enable
  • Click on the Save button to proceed with the action

The Permissions icon corresponding to the customised user will be highlighted blue and there will be an information icon beside the permissions icon at the group level. This is to remind the data room administrator that the group contains customised users and that the user has customised permissions (above the group level).