Yes, permissions for an individual user account can be customised. To customise a user follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Manage portal (second icon located in the ribbon)
  • Click on the Groups tab
  • Expand the group in which the user is part of (either use the expand arrow or the Expand All button) and click on the Permissions icon corresponding to the user
  • The Permissions screen will appear. Within this state, no values from the View and Policy column can be changed. You will see a message stating “To customise permissions for this user, click here”. Click on the here button
  • A confirmation box will appear. Click on the OK button to proceed
  • You will now notice the message has changed to “This user has customised permissions. To un-customise, click here” and the values corresponding to the View and Policy columns are editable
  • Navigate to the desired file or folder and customise the permissions accordingly
  • Click on the Save button to finalise your changes